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A Category Strategy & Assortment Optimization Solution you can Trust

Insite AI, the leader in AI-driven category and revenue growth management solutions for consumer brands, was founded in 2019 by Shaveer Mirpuri and Jonathan Reid. The company’s advanced AI platform helps the world’s top consumer brands intelligently make assortment, space, pricing, and promotion recommendations to improve retailer collaboration, increase revenue, and accelerate growth.

Elevate the Shopping Experience. Don’t wait months to understand the impact of your Assortment decisions. See the impact of shelf-level assortment and promotion decisions before they happen. The Insite AI platform leverages billions of data points to simulate primary and downstream effects from each proposed change.

Insite AI has tripled in revenue over the last 15 months and currently has operations in the USA, with satellite offices in New Zealand, Eastern Europe and South America. For more information

Insite AI

Our individualized, tailored-for-you AI platform empowers you to better understand and target your products and retail accounts–to any level of granularity. Build the optimal product range & mix. Understand, not just historical and current performance, but accurately look forward to project the expected performance of potential category range scenarios and strategies you plan to put forward.

Easy and Accurate

Building and optimizing assortments & space plans has never been easier–or more accurate. Insite AI’s platform is driven by your business rules to ensure a best-fit for your organization’s product, and retail channel’s expectations—and your financial targets. Run manual or AI-driven scenarios at macro-or detailed levels. Review actual performance against expected results and make adjustments to keep plans on track.
You have revenue, and profitability, volume goals. You also want to be the best supplier in your categories and exceed your customers (and your own) KPIs. In today’s competitive market where consumer preferences can turn on a dime, you also need to be agile, making quick pricing, promotion and placement decisions as fast as possible. Insite AI gives you the tools to meet all your goals and be responsive, driven by data and powered by AI.

Understanding Elasticity is a Key to Success Knowing the implications or elasticities of price, space and assortment decisions–on demand–gives you a clear competitive advantage. Our AI-driven elasticity modeling capabilities lets you understand how planned changes will impact sales, profitability and product availability, letting you make smart, data-driven strategic decisions.
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