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Our XP3 solution is a set of business intelligence software tools that are business user friendly and gives non-technical business users the ability to leverage virtually any data to create, distribute and apply best practice analytics in data-driven PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Excel reports using XP3 BI Cloud.


XP3 BI Cloud is a software solution that automates the process of creating and iterating data intensive PowerPoint presentations. It is used by category managers /shopper insights analysts in Consumer Goods companies that sell to retailers. Their Syndicated, POS, Shopper, and other data sources are automatically transformed into customer-ready presentations by our platform. PowerPoint presentations that would typically take days or even weeks to prepare can now be created in minutes allowing users more time to deliver granular insights and actionable recommendations that lead to trusted advisor status, more effective collaboration, and significant revenue growth opportunities at their retail customers. In contrast to other dashboard-driven data visualization programs that demand greater skills with managing and presenting their data, XP3 BI Cloud is integrated within PowerPoint and Excel where users in the Consumer Goods industry are already skilled. Clients can take the best in thought leadership and easily share the resulting best practices presentations within the sales organization, providing a thorough, cohesive presentation that allows for better and more effective collaboration with their retail customers. What Interactive Edge has created in XP3 Suite is an end-to-end data management, analysis and presentation solution that is designed specifically to meet the needs of CPG companies.
XP3 Data Workshop™ allows users to easily load, transform and aggregate data from Nielsen, Circana, SPINS and other data sets using visual wizard steps without having to write code. Users can also create, import, and modify segmentation and hierarchy for custom data views. The data sets are then used to develop data driven PowerPoint presentations and Excel reports. Because XP3 Data Workshop can automate a significant portion of the data to an insights process, more granular insights can be generated faster and on a more frequent basis resulting in bigger opportunities to grow the business for both our clients and their retail customers.
XP3 Data Integrator™ is a powerful and flexible solution that addresses data integration challenges associated with resolving naming issues between different data sources and providers, which is especially critical to CPG suppliers and their retail customers. Data Integrator works in conjunction with XP3 Data Workshop to provide the mapping, integration and roll ups required for displaying data at various product hierarchy levels.
XP3 Presentation/Report Builder are a Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Excel solutions that integrates multiple data sources and transforms them into actionable recommendations (Smart text headlines and commentary driven from the data) that help our customers convey a selling story allowing them to customize presentations and reports quickly and easily to their specific accounts using a simple interface drop down menu (Quick Picks). The content created by these applications is uploaded to XP3 BI Cloud and is used by sales, senior leadership, category and data analysts. Although some of the functionality of XP3 can be replicated using tools provided by the most popular Business Intelligence platforms on the market today (such as Tableau or Power BI), the level of skill required to do so far exceeds the level of skill required to build a similar data driven presentation utilizing XP3.

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