April 5, 2023 – The Vision Group, announces the launch of PDFToPog to the global market. PDFToPog is a cutting-edge tool that leverages AI-Image Recognition and state-of-the-art image catalog that automates the development of editable planograms from a PDF image.  PDF or Portable Document Format is the most common tool for distributing planograms to brands and distributors. PDFtoPOG addresses the challenge for Brands and Distributors converting PDF files into planograms that can be analyzed and consolidated into actionable insights.  PDFToPog integrates into common space planning software from leading firms such as Relex and Blue Yonder.  Many national brands and distributors collect thousands of planograms several times a year that require conversion.

“This is the unlock many of our partners have been asking for from our AI-Image Recognition technology” explains Jason DeRienzo, CRO Vision Group. “We are the only AI-IR company that combines a state-of-the-art image library, AI-Image Recognition and Planogram software from leading companies such as Relex , Blue Yonder our own EZ Pog.  Vision Group is focused on bringing visibility to bricks and mortar retail.  The planogram is one of the largest blind spots in the industry today largely driven by retailers either not sharing planograms or delivering PDF files that are hard to manage”

Converted planograms can be stored and shared through Omnipix, a proprietary data and content sharing platform also developed by Vision Group.

About The Vision Group

The Vision Group is focused on digitizing bricks and mortar retail by leveraging AI-Image Recognition and IoT technologies across many applications including Smart Cooler Vending, Connecting Remote Assets and Automated Planogram and Space Management.  Vision Group is a proud partner with the Category Management Association offering members product image management, space management and content storage solutions.