The best way to understand the motivations behind why someone got category management certified, is to ASK! Hear from this month’s feature on their certification experience.

Meet Geoff Nadler.

What is your current role?
I am currently a Category Manager for Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits.

What level certification did you achieve?
I just achieved the level of Certified Professional Strategic Advisor.

Why did you decide to get certified?
My company started me on the certification process, because they wanted set our company apart from the competition.  Educating our team on the full Category Management process and skillset was important for growth in how we execute for our customers, as well as growth in our personal careers.  Additionally, the achievement of certification signals our knowledge and commitment to our current and potential category partners.

The training and exam process, from my company, took me to a CPCM certification level.  I personally decided to take the additional steps to achieve the highest level of CPSA. I knew I had executed all the necessary skills and had the experience to reach this level.   I wanted to take the opportunity to set myself apart from my team members, while letting my current and future customers know that my company was providing them with the highest level of service.  The CPSA certification is also a great way to express that on a resume for future advancement opportunities.

What do you hope to improve/achieve in your current role due to the addition of your certification?
I am hoping that my certification will reassure my current customers that they are working with the best, while helping potential future customers to choose me as their Category Management partner.

Any additional comments on your experience?
I think the certification process provided a fair and thorough way for us to execute our mastery of the skill set.  The combination of multiple choice and essay exams and phone interview made the achievement feel worthwhile.

Thanks Geoff for sharing your experience with us!

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