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  • Gaining A Foothold

    3 Pre-Pandemic Trends That May Be Shaping the Post-Pandemic Future The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our reality. This is especially true in retail, where an entirely new set of rules seemed to go into [...]

  • For You. For Your Company. For the Industry.

    How We’re Laying the Foundation of the Future for the CMA. Retail is in a state of rapid and continuous evolution. The ways in which consumers are buying are evolving. The channels through which [...]

  • Taking Experiential Retail from In-Store to Instagram

    Is Target’s Latest Move A Key Moment for Post-COVID-19 Retail? Category Management Association · CMA Podcast 6-09-20 - Experiential Retail: From In-Store To Instagram In March of 2019, Instagram began rolling out a closed beta [...]