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We partner with many of the most well-known consumer goods companies in the world empowering them to build trust with their customers. Driven by relevant and timely retail industry challenges, we collaborate with our customers on the smart evolution of our products.

Simply said, we are passionate about helping forge the future of retail.

Create more accurate planograms, faster, with fewer resources. Shelf IQ is a simple-to-use, no-code solution that automates and accelerates space planning activities. Shelf IQ automates the most repetitive aspects of planogram development, like updating data and assortment on 1000’s of planograms quickly and accurately. Shelf IQ allows you to manage, update, and validate all planograms with one process, saving time and resources, allowing you to invest in other high-value activities.
Visually rich analytics from a single source of truth. Spotlight Retail Analytics automatically collects, harmonizes, and quality assures data daily. Multi-source data integration enables cross-retailer, category, and subject area reporting. Spotlight automates retail analytics processes and delivers ready-to-go, ready-to-share insights for faster, more reliable action.