Omnistream’s data-empowered retail solutions generate optimized, store-level assortment and planogram solutions that put retailers in charge.

Consumer-centric, store-level assortment and planograms are made possible through real-time simulations and store-level scenario planning that generates data-driven recommendations as unique as each individual store.

Empower your business success with our data-empowered retail solutions that are fully-scalable, and leverage your existing systems.


Our intuitive data-driven user platform offers a breakthrough scenario planning feature and delivers near real-time planograms. This allows you to run rapid assortment & planogram simulations to visually understand the impact of planogram changes on your profitability, sales, and basket sizes.
Our leading-edge retail technology captures store-level data and leverages machine learning to provide modelling predictions & recommendations. Our Data-Empowered solutions are adapted to each store’s composition, location and competition to maximize their store-level rotations and sales.
Omnistream fully integrates into your systems and is designed to complement your existing investments. It is the only data-empowered assortment & planogram solution that allows you to choose the specific processes you want to optimize through our modular offering.
Our optimized recommendations drive results by developing store-level profitability. Our retail clients around the world rely on us for over-and-above incremental growth and sell-out opportunities.