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Team Benchmark Survey

2023 Team Benchmark Survey

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Category management and shopper insights teams can be organized very differently by supplier and retailer, but few have sightline into how their peers are resourced.  How much have teams changed in 2 years? In December 2022 we benchmarked members in terms of total employees by functional level, working model (in office, remote, hybrid), reporting structure, handling of eCommerce, and future hiring plans. These findings can help guide recommendations for any necessary changes to team structures, or sell additional capacity internally, where applicable.

CatMan 3.0

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CatMan 3.0 serves as a provide a playbook for executing wholistic category management across shopping modalities (brick-and-mortar, pureplay eCommerce, click & collect, 3rd party delivery, etc.), including tactical steps to be completed through an omnichannel lens. For companies new to the practice, this document should serve as a great starting point for establishing a category management process. For those seasoned in the discipline, each step can be reviewed in relation to your current process and advise on adjustments as needed.

CatMan 3.0 (Spanish)

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CatMan 3.0 en Español sirve como un manual para ejecutar una gestión integral de categorías en todas las modalidades de compra (física, comercio electrónico, click & collect, entrega de terceros, etc.), incluidos los pasos tácticos que se deben completar a través de una lente omnicanal”. Para las empresas nuevas en la práctica de CatMan, este documento sirve como un excelente punto de partida para establecer un proceso de gestión de categorías. Para aquellas con experiencia en la disciplina, cada paso puede revisarse en relación con su proceso actual y gestionar los ajustes necesarios.

Category Management Playbook for Manufacturers

Category Management Playbook for Manufacturers

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This playbook is aimed to help manufacturers build and scale a category management function from the ground up, invest in the right areas and avoid some major pitfalls along the way. This 18 page document includes specific recommendations for staffing, data and other investments, and a visual representation of the category management maturity curve. For those with an established category management function it may also help you reflect on your journey, freshen up your organization, and reset on your original objectives.

Original Content Bundle

Hiring Resource Bundle

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Are you ready to take your CatMan and Shopper Insights team to the next level? Purchase all the resources you need to get your team in order. This bundle includes access to the full results of the CMA | SIMA 2023 Team Benchmark Survey, 2 job templates of your choice across category management, shopper insights, and space planning, and the ability to post 3 open jobs at your company on ARC’s job board.

2023 Job Market Survey cover

Catman and Shopper Insights Job Market Survey

In August, we surveyed over 200 industry professionals on the state of the job market. What we found was a surprising gap between the sentiments of job seekers and hiring managers, with job seekers not happy with the number of jobs and hiring managers expressing difficulty in finding the right candidates. That’s just one of the takeaways from our 2023 Job Survey, the results of which are available to members and non-members.

Line Review Playbook cover

Line Review Playbook

Line reviews are cornerstones of the retail process, consisting of a full evaluation and update of an entire category by a retailer. This playbook explores the general steps followed, different roles retailers and manufacturers play in the process, recommendations for vendors as they pitch products, and finally some common pitfalls to avoid. Spoiler alert on modern-day line reviews: data is the great equalizer.

Category Disruptor Case Study cover

Category Disruptor Case Study – Refrigerated Breakfast

The CMA is excited to release its first Category Disruptor Case Study. In coordination with members NielsenIQ and Belgian Boys, we dive into a brand new category ‘Refrigerated Breakfast’ that is disrupting for the better. Check out the identified shopper need, Target and Meijer store test and results, and some learnings that can apply to any category.

Category Management and Retail Media cover

Category Management and Retail Media Survey

The CMA surveyed retail leaders (manager level and above) at manufacturers across departments to benchmark how retail media is handled within their organizations. Check out which functions touch retail media today, future involvement expectations, largest hurdles, and more.

Women in Category Management and Shopper Insights Survey cover

Women In Category Management and Shopper Insights Infographic

Check out this infographic summarizing how our industry stacks up on overall gender split, women in leadership positions, mentorship, and other training resources available, and more. The good news is women are well represented in CatMan and SI at about 50%.

Category Management Job Templates

Hiring a Category Analyst, Manager, or Director and don’t know where to start? Updating your resume and don’t know what to include? Check out these job descriptions by the CMA for each functional level for both manufacturers and retailers to use as templates for posting jobs or verifying your skillset. Use the red sections to specify your company, category, location, etc and edit from there.

CatMan 3.0 Step 1: Insights Immersion

CatMan 3.0 starts with a completely new first step that reframes all the steps to follow: Insights Immersion. The goal of Insights Immersion is simple: find out what your shopper wants and needs before ANYTHING else. CMA|SIMA Members can read Step 1 online now to find out how Insights Immersion works and why a customer-centric approach is the way to get ahead in omnichannel.

Demystifying AI and Machine Learning for Category Management and Shopper Insights

In this whitepaper, our experts explore the effects AI and machine learning are having on the shopper insights and category management industries. Reading this will equip CMA|SIMA members with an understanding how AI and ML are affecting their industries, how they can get started utilizing the technology themselves, and how we should all be preparing for AI and ML’s continuing impact in the future.

Omnichannel Shopper Framework Whitepaper

Retail has evolved to address the flexibility of how consumers want to shop, adding new channels beyond just brick and mortar. While the category management process has always reacted to address changes in retail and shopping behavior, today those changes are happening faster than ever. Our industry lacked a comprehensive framework to account for all mediums and tactics that influence omnichannel retail purchasing — until now.

Shopper Insights Industry Standards

These SIMA Standards have been created to provide the industry direction for the development of talent, training and educational programming for the Shopper Insights profession. SIMA formed a 6-member committee to yield standards that reflected industry best practice. This document includes the purpose of the standards, how they were developed, and the specific core competencies identified by the standards committee for the SIMA Foundational Level Certification or ‘SFLC’.

Exploring Category Management in the Home Improvement Channel

This whitepaper is meant to equip vendors and retailers in home improvement with the knowledge of how category management is practiced in their channel, identify the nuances that may lead to opportunities to optimize the process, and inform vendors and retailers outside this channel on how the category management discipline differs across retail.




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