What is CatMan 2.0™?

CatMan 2.0 is a comprehensively redesigned modernization of CatMan 1.0 , one of the most successful business processes of the 20th century.

CatMan 2.0™embodies the advances that have emerged over in data, analytics, process and success models as well as all the game-changing influence of the digital revolution.

CatMan 2.0™ is built upon the foundation of CatMan 1.0.  It retains many familiar elements and much of the nomenclature of CatMan 1.0. CatMan 2.0™ was designed by a committee of industry thought leading manufacturers, retailers and solution providers. The committee was led by the CMA’s best practice team of Gordon Wade and John Drake.

CatMan 2.0™ adds new process emphasis on internal alignment among manufacturer and retail teams. It adds robust sections on Deployment, ROI calculation and category plan deployment across the complex supply chain. One of the key improvements is the integration of shopper insights and shopper marketing into the Category Management process. These sections were developed under the direction of Kaye Young, the CMA’s SVP of Shopper Insights and Shopper Marketing.


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How Can You Use It?

Category management is a process whose purpose is to create a comprehensive plan that meets shopper needs in a superior manner thereby producing superior business results for retailers and manufacturers. Category management is a holistic approach, it is not about any single step in the process such as creating a category decision tree or a superior planogram rather it is about developing a comprehensive plan based on facts, insights, sound strategies and proven tactical success models.

Companies who assisted in the development of CatMan 2.0™

Retailers  I   7-Eleven   I   Ahold   I   Sam’s Wholesale Club   I   Walgreens   I   Walmart   I   Manufacturers I   Church & Dwight   I   ConAgra   I   McKee Foods   I   Mondelez   I   Procter & Gamble   I   RedBull   I   Reynolds Consumer Products   I   Republic National Distributing Company   I   Dannon   I   Solution Providers – Sales & Marketing Agencies   I   Acosta Sales & Marketing   I   Brick Meets Click   I   Decision Insight   I   Interactive Edge   I   IRi   I   JDA   I  Kantar Retail   I   Learning Evolution   I   Market Track   I   McKinsey Periscope



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