Premise Data Corporation

Premise delivers actionable In-store Insights in specific markets worldwide. Our innovative technology, combined with our global Contributor network, enables you to obtain real-time, photographic data and make necessary adjustments to improve sales, profitability, and efficiency.


Monitor out-of-stocks with actionable, store-by-store, same- day data and hold distributors and retailers accountable for on-shelf availability.
Follow your promotions’ performance while still live and get rapid insights on execution to allow quick correction while there’s still time.
Discover execution gaps in your most important stores to ensure product, price, placement, and promotion execution meets your standards. - Stay on top of competitor pricing whenever competitors change their prices and decide whether to follow or outflank.
Identify untapped outlets to convert into customers by receiving addresses, GPS coordinates, and contact details for desired locations. - Check if retailers are following your category strategies by tracking improvement over time, with longitudinal monitoring of store-level compliance.