February 25th 2019, Bloomington, MN

For immediate release:

The Category Management Association (CMA) has entered into an exclusive joint venture with the Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG). Through the new partnership, the organizations will provide a premier category management training platform and training courses for members and employees. For the first time, the CMA will have the ability to offer best-in-class free training as a part of its membership benefits, providing significant value to all participants.

The Category Management Association was founded in 2004 by Donna Frazier, who recognized a great need for a common language, talent acquisition guidelines and training standards in the field of category management. Since then, the CMA has grown into a global organization with members in 20 countries. The organization helps members drive meaningful category and brand growth by building shopper satisfaction and facilitating strategic collaboration between retailers, suppliers and solution providers.

The Category Management Knowledge Group was founded by Sue Nicholls in 2005 as a dedicated source for targeted training solutions for individuals and organizations in the field of category management.  CMKG helps retailers and manufacturers meet the needs and expectations of their increasingly sophisticated consumers and shoppers by maximizing the impact of their category management work through a company’s most important asset – people.

The partnership rounds out the Category Management Association’s robust portfolio of professional resources to include training, education and more certification options for industry professionals.

“We are very excited to become a singular resource for professionals in the field of category management,” says CMA CEO Mike Skillingstad. “We felt CMKG’s training expertise was a natural fit, and that the industry would be best-served by having the benchmarking, best practices, certification and training for category management established by two professional organizations working closely together.”

For more information on the Category Management Association, you can visit www.catman.global

To learn more about CMKG, you can visit www.cmkg.org

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