Prodege is a leading provider of people driven insights powered by our engaged global proprietary panel of 120 million members. Our diversified recruitment methods and ability to collect behavioral data & target hard-to-reach audiences, paired with our world-class consumer model, delivers a more inventive, customized approach to research. Prodege’s breakthrough approach fosters member retention and ongoing participation and allows for a 360-degree view of the consumer- when and where you need them through our omnichannel access.


Prodege offers a next-generation approach to retail with in-store shopping solutions for marketers, strengthened by powerful insights; resulting in an improved experience and more engaged consumers. Our first party data and omnichannel solutions focus on measurable engagement and a KPI-driven approach to driving response for CPG and shopper marketers.
Prodege’s receipt scanning solution and browser metering capabilities provide visibility into our consumers’ online & offline purchase history. This access to behavioral data allows for a 360 degree view of the consumer and also enables surveys to be directed to validated shoppers. Our solutions provide valuable insights into purchase making decisions for specific retailers, categories & brands.
Our powerful data & insights platform enables you to launch projects with 24/7 support from Prodege. Gain access to millions of engaged global consumers & hard-to-reach audiences. Create your own questions with our survey builder solution or link to your own survey. Launch your study, monitor up-to-date progress from our dashboard, and bring your results to life with our data visualization tool.
Contact: Katie Crockford
Phone Number: (424) 397-2044

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