Five cutting-edge presentations we’re looking forward to at the 2019 CMA/SIMA Conference.

by Dave Hanson

The Category Management and Shopper Insights Management Associations’ joint Annual Conference (CMA/SIMA) is quickly approaching (February 25-27 in Las Vegas, NV). In addition to the usual wealth of content and training, this year’s show will be featuring several head-turning innovations that seem to be ripped straight from the future. From AI and machine learning to computer vision and virtual reality, companies are finding innovative ways to use rapidly-evolving technologies to gather better and more effective data about consumers.


Here are five cutting-edge, future-forward presentations we’re looking forward to seeing at the conference:

AnswerRocket – Breakthroughs in AI That Are Accelerating Growth for CPGs

Learn how innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping category managers gain market share and deliver bottom-line results. Pete Reilly, SVP of AnswerRocket, will share a case study from one of the world’s largest FMCGs, who gained a truer picture of their business opportunities through augmented analytics.

Shiloh Technologies – Taking Today’s Best Standard Reports and Turning Them into Insights Through AI

Traditional reporting and business intelligence tools simply don’t cut it in today’s fast-paced competitive environments. You simply can’t hire analysts and data scientists fast enough to keep up. See how artificial intelligence and machine learning are leading the revolution in delivering true insights.

Trax Retail Solutions – Transforming Execution Health to Transform Retail

Have you ever wanted to have eyes in the market at any given point in time? How about the ability to gain insights within minutes of execution? Leveraging computer vision, Trax allows you to quickly capture in-outlet execution, leveraging technology to understand category, brand, innovation, promotional program execution and optimal assortment. In this session, they will show you how to take this data and turn it into actionable strategic insights to drive category and brand performance.

Research Now, Inc – How Shoppers Decide What to Buy and Why

Learn how your team can virtually tag along with shoppers – both your customers and those of your competitors – and ask them about their actions and decisions. The key is a new generation of powerful consumer research tools that link observed consumer behavior with the ability to conduct targeted survey research. These tools encompass data from millions of opted-in individuals, and include thousands of profile attributes to enable segmentation in selection and detailed analysis of results.

Nielsen SmartStore – Getting into Shoppers Shoes: How an Immersive Simulation Experience Can Help You Win in Store

At the point of purchase, retailers and brands have less than two seconds to influence decisions. To make those seconds count, you need to understand shoppers—their demands, decision-making processes and shopping journey. Join Erin Feeney-McKinney, Global VP at Nielsen, as she shares how an immersive 360-degree virtual reality store simulation can help you do just that.

On top of these sessions, there will also be a keynote speech from the always interesting retail futurist Doug Stephens and a panel discussion on the future of e-commerce data with experts from Nielsen, Numerator, T-Squared and 1010 Data. If you want to get a look into the crystal ball when it comes to data-driven insights, definitely reserve your spot at the 2019 Category Management and Shopper Insights Management Associations’ joint Annual Conference. Make sure to check out the full agenda for dozens more session topics, speakers and networking opportunities.