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Designed by industry experts and built on top of cloud architecture, your team can leverage multiple solutions in one easy-to-use platform. Seek improves the value of data in your organization and closes the gap between insights and action.


Insight Cloud is a cloud-native platform that connects industry experts with business analysts through the production and consumption of Insights. Seek empowers every business user to discover, access, and leverage expert-level analysis through granular, turnkey applications.
Capture missed revenue opportunities without needing any new products on the shelf or expanding distribution into new markets. Predictive Inventory is accessible and actionable, providing high ROI immediately— know precisely when any inventory will be out of stock before it happens, ship items to fill the shelf space and avoid out-of-stock instances.
With an easy-to-understand dashboard, Historical Out of Stock Monitoring provides users with visibility into stockout information across geographies, brands, items, and distribution centers — this insight allows you to identify the most significant contributors to your out-of-stock issues, on a historical level, and develop actionable solutions.
Seek’s Phantom Inventory Insight highlights discrepancies between the physical inventory and the recorded inventory at any store for any item. This insight can help businesses to identify and track inventory that is not physically present in the warehouse but is still recorded in the inventory management system, and improve their inventory accuracy.