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Unlock Independent Convenience Retail

Technology that helps you sell smarter through complete control over trade spend and greater visibility into product performance.


Make Every Dollar Count in Convenience Retail

Drive change with a 360-degree view of trade promotions in the fragmented independent channel.

Gain Control of Your Business - Measure promotional effectiveness from clean, harmonized scan data and guarantee discounts are delivered to the consumer by tracking engagement from the retailer’s point of sale system.

Increase Sales - Create loyal consumers by customizing and optimizing promotions, and expand distribution by designing programs that encourage retailers to purchase specific UPCs.

Build Your Brand - Become top of mind with thousands of independent retailers within our network and engage with over 1M convenience shoppers that frequent their stores.

Save Time and Money - Operate more efficiently by relying on a single vendor to manage enrollment, execution, reporting, and disbursements.

Pay only for discounts that are delivered directly to the consumer.
Drive Change in Independent Convenience Retail

Greater insights lead to better business decisions.

Uncover Growth Opportunities - Gain access to real scan data to help uncover gaps in distribution and product innovation; optimize promotions by regions.

Attain Live-Time Visibility - Monitor sales activity on-demand to uncover return on investment in product and promotion performance versus competitors.

Drive Decisions - Proactively track sales and market share to determine consumer preferences in independent convenience and what drives incremental sales.

Gain Efficiency - Self-service exports of customized metrics from clean, standardized scan data that enables additional tracking, reporting, and integration with other date platforms.