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Unlock your data. Unleash your performance. Catalyst is powerful, cloud-based business performance software that gives you a unique window into your organization

What if you could instantly unlock game-changing insights from deep inside your data? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Catalyst is a business performance software solution that sits on top of a Data Lake that includes your ERP, Big Data sources and any other data you might have. Then it lets you slice, dice and drill down into that data in an instant. Reports that used to take weeks? One push of a button. Analyzing Big Data alongside your own? Not days. Minutes.

Build stunningly accurate budgets with direct input from sales. Create financial and operational plans from a single source of truth. Wonder what’s standing between you and maximum profitability? Drill down to transaction level for root cause analysis with a couple of clicks. With Catalyst, every number ties out, every time. When you cut tasks that used to take days down to seconds, you can focus on what matters: analyzing and evolving the business.

Data Cubes What is a Data Cube? Imagine if you had a magic window you could use to look into a building from any angle to understand what’s inside. Catalyst’s Data Cubes do this with your data inside the Data Warehouse. You can easily slice, dice, drill down and pivot enormous amounts of granular data instantaneously to get a complete picture of your business, find anomalies, draw fully-baked insights and make fact-based decisions.
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