Solution Provider Spotlight:

September 5, 2023
by Ethan Chernofsky, SVP of Marketing at

Tenure With Current Company: 5 years
Years of Industry Experience: 10 years

Give us a brief history of your company, when and how did you get started and what is your high-level mission statement? is the leader in location analytics and our mission is to empower professionals operating in the physical world with the visibility they need to improve decision making.

What would you like CMA and SIMA members to know about your brand/company?

Location analytics presents a new perspective on the way consumers behave, and where they shop. Understanding these shifts can help rapidly improve the way brands operate. Staying on top of the latest consumer trends enables brands to bring the right products to the right locations, improve their relationships with existing and potential retail partners, optimize advertising and sponsorship activities, and even enable better supply decisions. The overwhelming majority of retail still takes place offline, and bringing visibility into what is truly happening offline is fundamental to maximizing performance.

What is the most common question you hear from current and potential customers, and how do you answer it?

Because we’re bringing a different lens to the CPG community, the main discussions center around new questions that brands are trying to answer. The amazing thing is that these conversations actively guide our product pipeline enabling us to build the solutions that Category Management and Shopper Insight professionals need to widen their perspectives and maximize their chances of success.

Any white space in the industry or areas you are looking to expand into?

The joy for us is that we still feel like we’re only scratching the surface of what we can provide for brands. On a monthly basis we’re releasing new features and tools to help category management and shopper insight professionals improve their understanding of physical retail performance.

What is the most important thing that needs to be addressed in the category management and shopper insights disciplines going forward?

Category management and shopper insights professionals have a uniquely nuanced perspective of what drives retail performance, and this is why data and analytics has so much potential in this area. The more visibility you can bring, the more opportunity there is to identify consumer shifts and to stay ahead of these trends.

How are you thinking about the next 3-5 years in retail?

The narrative that dominated the last 10-20 years has been the growth of eCommerce and while this is a critical conversation, it overlooked the immense evolution that physical retail was experiencing. The pandemic proved just how important and central physical retail remains, but it also made it clear the incredible ways in which it can continue to evolve. The next 3-5 years are going to see major leaps forward in how physical retail is utilized and maximized and the brands that stay ahead of these opportunities will be uniquely well positioned.