Solution Provider Spotlight: Seek

May 30, 2023
by Erik Mitchell, CEO

Tenure With Current Company: Founder, Seek Data was founded in 2019
Years of Industry Experience: 10+ years

Give us a brief history of your company, when and how did you get started and what is your high-level mission statement?

Seek Data started in 2019 as a Retail & CPG analytics consultancy with a mission of helping business teams (Category Leadership, RGM, Supply Chain/Replenishment/etc.) do more with data & analytics. We saw rapid growth over the first couple years and grew by 20X by 2022, with one limitation… technology scale. We were introduced to Knoema, an Eldridge company, in 2021 through a mutual connection and immediately saw an opportunity to join forces and pioneer the next frontier of cloud analytics – building a scalable, verticalized SaaS organization. Seek Data and Knoema merged in July 2022 to form ‘Seek’, a new combined organization with a mission to ‘transform the last mile of analytics’, bringing turnkey cloud applications to business users to solve their most valuable and pressing problems with their largest partners.

What is the most common question you hear from current and potential customers, and how do you answer it?

Most common question – “We have acquired all this data and centralized it in our data lake… now what?”
Answer: Any organization’s competitive advantage should be based on speed, not on proprietary data processes. Through leveraging Seek turnkey cloud applications, we can turn 6 months of manual analyst work into 6 clicks, rapidly solving problems on top of the data sources you already license, enabling your teams to be steps ahead of your competition and delivering insights & solutions faster than ever before.

Any white space in the industry or areas you are looking to expand into?

Continued application (aka ‘Insight’) development in the Retail/CPG industry, including ‘Perfect Store’, Customer360, DTC & E-commerce, Store360, and more.

What is the most important thing that needs to be addressed in the category management and shopper insights disciplines going forward?

The most important thing that needs to be addressed is the ability for Category & Shopper teams to easily leverage the most relevant data sources available in the most efficient manner possible to solve specific problems on a daily basis.

How are you thinking about the next 3-5 years in retail?

We are focused on accelerating the analyst workflow and transforming the way this industry thinks about acquiring and leveraging data. We believe the leaders will be separated by the speed at which they can deliver insights on top of multiple data sources, and we believe Seek will be the key enabler to deliver that competitive advantage for the leaders in the space.