Tell us about what your company does, who you serve and what value you bring to your clients as a solution provider.

CPG companies are spending too much time prepping data so that they can make more informed decisions. That’s where we plug in. We are a data and analytics company that helps CPG companies make better decisions by harmonizing data and extracting richer insights. We believe that analysts should spend their time thinking, not manipulating data and tweaking pivot tables.

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

So much has changed with consumer shopping behavior in the last 12 months. Our biggest priority right now is helping our clients understand the dynamic between brick and mortar and eCommerce so that they can make more informed decisions on their supply chain, trade spend, and marketing spend. We expect new shopping behaviors to emerge in the coming months so being on top of the trend lines is critical.

Where do you feel you’ve been helping clients make the most impact during the pandemic? How have you adjusted to meet their needs?

Saying that the pandemic brought confusion to our collective world is an incredible understatement. “Panic buying” created all kinds of problems for our supplier and retailer partners. But we thought that our services could help bring some clarity to the chaos. We built new services like inventory reporting with related COVID-19 data overlayed so that clients could be that much more informed. And we did so for free to help our clients with replenishment and supply chain issues. We were able to show our clients data on particular products which allowed them to adjust to meet the new demand.

How have you been helping clients adjust to new & growing omnichannel dynamics?

We fundamentally believe that omni is all about delivering the best shopping experience, in store or online. And most CPG manufacturers would admit that they need help managing their digital shelf. Our Canopy software helps evaluate in-stock availability, pricing, ratings and reviews, imaging, and product descriptions across retailer websites and shopping apps. In short, identifying the cracks in the shopping experience and getting them fixed translates to sales for our clients.

Why did your company feel it was important to have a sponsorship presence at the 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference?

There is so much debate about what work should be insourced versus outsourced. And that debate is a result of a lot of one core issue: many analytical products in the market are a lot of flash with very little substance. The CMA|SIMA Conference allows us to demonstrate the value and substance of our products. We have a ninety five percent client retention rate over the 12 years we’ve been in the data and analytics space and the conference allows us to help get that word out.

Tell us about the solutions and content you’ll be showcasing at the Conference this year.

We’ll be highlighting a couple of tools that combine physical and digital data together into one easy-to-digest platform. The platform is easy to use and highly customizable, allowing our clients to spend more time making business decisions and less time manipulating spreadsheets.

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