Tell us about what your company does, who you serve and what value you bring to your clients as a solution provider.

Mediafly is a software company focused on delivering revenue growth via digital selling and experiences. We support salespeople and marketers at some of the world’s most respected CPG brands like PepsiCo, ConAgra and SC Johnson.

The salespeople love us because we make their jobs easier by putting all the relevant sales information they need at their fingertips, allowing them to deliver breakthrough sales experiences in person or, most recently, during remote selling. The marketers love us because we give them really deep insights on how the salespeople use the content. Those insights help tie back into how marketers drive revenue at their companies.

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

The first thing that comes to mind is we are continually investing in delivering groundbreaking insights for both salespeople and marketers. And so by using our software, we’re helping guide salespeople through what they should do next in their sales process.

We help inform which content they should use next or in what situation. And what’s great about that is this was work that typically took salespeople 20 hours a month. We’re taking it down to four hours or less. So salespeople are becoming much more efficient with these insights and marketers as well, because marketers are always seeking more data on how they can better support the sales team and better support revenue. And we’ll just continue to invest more into our product to help both salespeople and marketers with these insights.

The second exciting thing that comes to mind is we are enabling amazing interactive sales experiences for the industry. These experiences are compared to software like Netflix and Amazon – so it’s an entirely different feel than your traditional CPG PowerPoint presentations. These leading companies we work with now are getting just amazing results when they’re using Mediafly.

Where do you feel you’ve been helping clients make the most impact during the pandemic? How have you adjusted to meet their needs?

We’ve always been a critical solution to help accelerate revenue and keep up with the demands of retailers for the brands we work with. And Mediafly has always also been a cloud-based solution, so we’ve always been really flexible and we’ve always been able to give salespeople what they’re looking for in terms of sales content, whether they’re on their phone, their iPads and Android devices or laptops.

And almost overnight, salespeople are no longer using iPads to sell because they were no longer in person. So we’ve definitely pivoted to helping our customers leverage their laptops and use media for virtual digital selling. And this honestly had to be a one or two day transition because these customers were already using Mediafly. They were able to adjust really quickly and actually beat a lot of their revenue targets because they had a solution like Mediafly during the pandemic.

How have you been helping clients adjust to new & growing omnichannel dynamics?

Mediafly already helps enable the digital solutions for our customers in any channel, so we were uniquely well positioned to help with the sudden demand for insights that occurred when the way sales teams were going out to market changed forever in early 2020.

That change has impacted the marketing teams, too. In order to support their sales teams, the marketing team needs to really wow the customers in every interaction. And that becomes really hard when you’re meeting digitally rather than in person. But luckily, content and interactivity of content has always been a strong suit of Mediafly’s. We saw usage of that type of content go through the roof, because it’s really hard to run a traditional sales meeting in a web format without outstanding support content to lead with.

To summarize, I think we’ve helped our clients adjust to new omnichannel dynamics by helping them evolve from the type of content they were delivering to their sales team two years ago into a much more consumer centric experience, which bodes well for both the sales rep and the customer. When sales teams can use our tools to instantly access not only the information they need to make their pitch, but also the information they need to answer prospect questions immediately, their sales meetings become a lot more dynamic. They can pivot to address prospect’s pain points right there during the meeting, rather than having to tell them you’ll “get back to them.” If you’re the one brand that can say “yeah, let’s go to that right now” it makes a huge difference, especially digitally. And that’s the experience Mediafly provides.

Why did your company feel it was important to have a sponsorship presence at the 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference?

Well, in 2020 we provided an undeniable value for our brand clients. As a company, we actually experienced a huge growth year in 2020 by helping those customers pivot and acclimate to really unique circumstances. So we want to put ourselves out there and offer the same services our clients have found so helpful to other brands that are definitely feeling similar pains, whether it’s their marketers that don’t know if their sales content is even being used or it’s their sales reps that are tired of walking in with the same static PowerPoint and being categorized as “just another seller that’s going to show up and throw up.” We know those pains exist.

We see the CMA|SIMA Conference as our opportunity to get in front of an audience that can really understand the value we can provide. I think the people attending this conference are really striving toward change in their organization and want to be the leaders of that change, and those are exactly the kind of people we want to talk to.

Tell us about the solutions and content you’ll be showcasing at the Conference this year.

We’ll be showing live demonstrations of Mediafly. We’re really proud of how interactive and game changing our technologies can be. We’ll be showcasing these solutions in the persona of a sales leader and a sales person to show how easy it is for them to pivot to different pieces of content within the system to wow customers more effectively.

We’ll also be showing some of the insights that marketers and salespeople are going to receive based on content usage, how the customers engage with the content, and, ultimately, how our solution is a revenue generating platform for our customers.

Learn more about the 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference.