Company: NAILBITER, Inc.
Name: Amishi Takalkar
Current Position: CEO & Co-Founder
Tenure With Current Company: 9 years
Years of Industry Experience: 20 years

What would you like our conference attendees to know about your brand/company?

NAILBITER is a Global Quantitative Videometrics platform for video-based, behavioral market research. Using in-the-moment video and augmented reality, NAILBITER captures and converts real shopping behavior in-store and online into actionable metrics. We help CPG manufacturers all over the world answer their toughest brand, category, and shopper questions from how a planogram change is impacting category shopping behavior, how an aisle should flow to drive category conversion to how a new innovation is performing in-market.

What does Activating Insights for a Dynamic Future mean to your company?

More than ever, the future seems uncertain. A recession is looming, consumer discretionary spending is down, will the metaverse become a thing? But one thing seems to remain certain through recent economic & social turmoil – people continue to invest in household staples and necessities that support their basic livelihood. In order to be prepared for a dynamic future, CPG manufacturers must rely on their insights departments to remain close to consumers & shoppers and their evolving behavior. While shoppers continue to buy CPG brands, how they learn/purchase/use those brands will never stop changing. During economic uncertainty, it’s tempting to stop investing in insights, but this is the worst thing manufacturers can do. Those companies are left with no baselines and will be playing catch up for years while their competitors continue to learn and grab the advantage. It’s the companies who are proactive, forward-thinking, and “obsessed” with understanding their consumer & shopper who will bullet-proof their business and remain ahead of the inevitable dynamic future.

What is the most impactful retail insight you have observed over the past year, and how have you helped suppliers and retailers activate against it?

NAILBITER has helped a lot of brands navigate inflation this past year. As shoppers make trade offs during inflation, that doesn’t always mean trading down. Shoppers are actually leaning into brands and justifying their spend vs. decreasing their spend. For retailers, that means continuing to support and showcase key beacon brands to keep shoppers engaged and minimize potential walkaway. For manufacturers, it means continuing to drive value in brands through things like benefits/claims & flavors. In the face of price increases that brands are being forced to take, they must substantiate value at shelf in other ways than total price. And learning what matters to shoppers allows manufacturers to position their brands in a language that resonates. This, in turn, helps retailer perceptions in a halo effect if manufacturers are better positioning their brands for shopper needs.

What current retail and consumer trends do you feel people should be paying particular attention to right now?

The lines between in-store and online shopping continue to blur – and retailers and manufacturers who develop a true omnichannel strategy will win. One key area where online behaviors are permeating the in-store shopper experience is the use of digital tools while in-store. At certain inflection points during a trip, like when confronted with out-of-stocks or when looking to find a deal, shoppers may turn to their mobile devices to help inform their decision. This behavior presents a couple of opportunities: For retailers, driving positive Shopability across both in-store and online environments can help meet shoppers’ product and information needs and minimize potential walkaway. For manufacturers, optimizing how your brands are presented online and ensuring consistency in both environments can minimize brand leakage and potentially drive switching to your brand. At NAILBITER, we’re working with clients to help understand best practices to drive positive experiences in-store and online and diving deep on the top triggers and tools for omnichannel behavior to inform their strategies.

What kind of solutions will you be showcasing at the 2023 CMA|SIMA Conference?

NAILBITER will be showcasing how they’ve been partnering with Nestle USA this past year using their in-the-moment, quantitative Shopper Research video-based tools to drive Nestle’s thought-leadership with retail partners and remain a category advisor. The audience will walk away with actionable and thought-provoking ideas on key insights to build the aisle of the future, identify which locations in-store are most beneficial for both the shopper and retailer, and how NAILBITER uncovered insights on price/value perceptions during the height of the inflation so Nestle can better position themselves on shelf.