Tell us about what your company does, who you serve and what value you bring to your clients as a solution provider.

We build software solutions for Retailers and Consumer Goods companies. The retail industry is undergoing tremendous change, and we are passionate about helping forge the future of retail by optimizing business practices, providing greater impact and agility through partnership and technology, and improving our customers’ lives.

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

The two most exciting initiatives we’re working on right now involve enhancing category performance analytics, as well as using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help drive our retail analytics.

One of our products—Shelf IQ—helps our customers develop space plans with more productivity and efficiency. We help large customers like Anheuser-Busch do more with less, and accomplish the amount of scale they need to address their business needs by providing productive ways to develop space, specifically developing shelf plans and planograms.

Our other big solution is called Spotlight Retail Analytics, and it helps our customers analyze business performance. We automate the data collection and aggregation of retailer and supplier performance data. Our platform allows our users the ability to perform more in-depth analytics, research root cause and automate communication to various stakeholders. Within Spotlight, we’re investing in new machine learning capabilities to help drive smarter decisions for our customers, and help them take action proactively to fix issues before they become lost sales opportunities.

Finally, one of the most exciting things we’re working on is bringing Shelf IQ and Spotlight together so category management and advisor customers can perform enhanced analytics on their space and shelf performance. Our goal is to enable our customers to drive significant strategic value with their retailer partner throughout the category management and space planning cycles. And we’re going to arm them with the tools to do that.

Where do you feel you’ve been helping clients make the most impact during the pandemic? How have you adjusted to meet their needs?

The evolution of Retail is accelerating, and customer preferences are changing. To keep pace, today’s consumer goods companies are required to do more—plan more, produce more, deliver more…and are often times challenged to do so with the same or fewer resources. The ability for a supplier to operate with efficiency and agility is no longer aspirational—it’s essential.

At the beginning of the pandemic we met with customers within those first few days to understand what their greatest challenges were. At that point it was understanding demand curve changes related to the spread of the pandemic. Within 7 days our team worked to integrate Johns Hopkins COVID-19 data into our Spotlight product and built new analytics tools that helped customers analyze where they are out of stock, which items are most impacted by the pandemic, and where demand curve changes are happening by item, distribution center and store.

At its core, Nuqleous develops strategic software solutions that help retail and consumer product companies streamline their business practices and operate with enhanced agility and increased efficiency. Nuqleous will continue to evolve its products to meet relevant and timely challenges of the retail industry.
The pandemic has also substantially changed shopper preferences and how those consumers want to shop digitally, and that’s forced retailers to think differently about how they’re designing and merchandising products on the shelf.

Our Shelf IQ product allows our customers to be more agile and work with the retailer even as demands constantly change. We make a very daunting task, like meeting the needs of consumers as well as strategies related to grocery pickup, much easier through space planning automation. This helps ensure that our customers have the right product on the shelf in the right quantities with the right presentation, proactively.

How have you been helping clients adjust to new & growing omnichannel dynamics?

We help our customers adjust to new omnichannel dynamics by enabling efficient, smarter store shelf and merchandising planning, elevating omnichannel retail analytics, and enhancing communication and retailer partner collaboration. We want to ensure our customers have the right products with the right presentation levels based on the influence of digital activation.

We’re also helping through “elevated omnichannel retail analytics.” Pre-COVID, some suppliers didn’t tend to think of digital sales as being as important as store sales. Well, now digital demand is absolutely at the forefront of their minds, and omnichannel is something retailers and merchants alike are embracing. Our Spotlight Retail Analytics solution brings together each of their channels to create a single view of sales and demand performance. These views give our customers the ability to pivot and analyze omni-trends in ways that are more important now than ever before – and we’ve automated the process of communicating this data via a feature called Insight Packs. Insight Packs auto-generate email communications that include top level KPIs all the way down to exception-based inventory concerns. Everything is there and it’s all automated and available for our customers on a daily and weekly basis.

With Shelf IQ Space Planning our customers have the capability to, in near real-time, sit down with their buyers, merchants or stakeholders and review different space plans, make changes, and observe what performance changes look like when you put in and take out different products on the store shelf. That ability to collaborate efficiently, even digitally, significantly speeds up and improves our clients’ processes.

Why did your company feel it was important to have a sponsorship presence at the 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference?

This is an easy one for us. Category Managers and Retail Advisors are our customers. We provide them with unique and powerful software solutions that unlock unmatched productivity gains, agility and collaboration capabilities.

Tell us about the solutions and content you’ll be showcasing at the Conference this year.

Most of our presence at the virtual conference will showcase Shelf IQ. Shelf IQ is a space planning automation solution designed to help retailers and suppliers develop their planograms with greater efficiency and precision. Shelf IQ enhances productivity by enabling users to automate the most repetitive aspects of the planogram development process. Additionally, this innovative planogram software offers in-depth analysis tools that provide planning insights, which lead to more intelligent shelf-planning.

We’ll also have an area of our booth covering Spotlight Retail Analytics. Spotlight is a retail analytics solution that unlocks the power of retail data. From inventory levels and daily sales to forecasts and supply chain performance, retail data contains a wealth of information that is as complex as it is valuable. With its rich, out-of-the-box content, ad-hoc reporting, efficient workflows, automated email communication, and mobile capabilities, Spotlight delivers actionable insights and accurate store-item-day data in a fraction of the time it takes to perform manual analyses.

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