How would you summarize Weathertrends360 to a new conference attendee?

WeatherTrends360 is the premier global weather data and analytics source trusted by major Retail, CPG, and Financial Services companies around the world. Our proprietary year-ahead forecasting model of seasonal sales and weather tells you what’s coming, giving you time to proactively plan inventory, advertising, allocation and markdowns. Trusted by the Fortune 500 and Main Street, it’s the next generation of weather-based predictive analytics. Our statistical modeling algorithm creates long-range forecasts a year in advance that are on par with traditional 8-14 day forecasts.

Who within an organization would be most likely to use Weathertrends360?

Our most common end users are category managers, national account managers and sales leaders.  Our clients use our data and deliverables to better plan sales, budgets, inventory, advertising, and markdowns before the weather strikes.

How would you define your best practice deliverable?

Our sales planner is by far our most relied upon deliverable.  In this tool, we provide our clients with year-ahead guidance on weather impacted sales forecasts.  We map out category level seasonal sales by retailer, identify season start, peak and end weeks, and summarize the total seasonal impact of weather on their business.  Our sales planner is designed to be used by retailers and suppliers in tandem to make better forecasting, replenishment, demand, and end of season decisions months in advance.

Does your service integrate with internal planning systems?

Yes, our data and deliverables are platform independent and can be integrated into any planning system like Power BI, Tableau, Domo, BigQuery, etc.