Ten Content Pieces to Start 2024 on The Right Foot

Jan. 16, 2024
By Mike Wilkening, Communications Manager, ARC (CMA | SIMA)

Happy third week of January! You’ve caught up on your emails and tasks from the holidays, and you’ve put out a few beginning-of-year brushfires already. You’re back in the groove. 

Now, it’s time to really think about the year ahead. Maybe your individual and team goals have already been set, or maybe you’re set to meet with colleagues in the coming weeks to align on what’s really important for 2024.

In either case, mid-January is a perfect time to lock in — to focus on how you will elevate your performance this year. Slow starts are tough to overcome, and there is nothing worse than trying to close the gap toward goal in fourth quarter.

The Association of Retail and Consumer Professionals is here to help you start fast. We’ve curated 10 of our top examples of recent thought leadership to help you get a jump on your 2024 plan of attack. We’ve enclosed overviews of each piece of content, and we’ve included clips of each webinar, but to access the full content, you’ll need to be an ARC member.



Storytelling with Data (watch clip): Here’s a good starting point for your 2024 prep. We’ve all built presentations that began with the best of intentions but ended as cluttered, bulky collections of slides with no unifying thread. In this popular webinar from The Presentation Company, you’ll learn how to make clear, memorable decks that don’t miss the mark.  

Omnichannel in the Age of Inflation (watch clip): Inflation might be down from its peak, but its effects continue to be felt as we start the new year. This 84.51° webinar offers some excellent insights on omnichannel shopping behavior, including the importance of order accuracy.

The Key to Strategic Global Growth – Scaling RGM Best Practices (watch clip): Revenue Growth Management continues to grow in use and in influence among CPGs. So how can companies grow this function into a real difference-making unit with the power to influence and not a siloed afterthought? This BIC/Eversight webinar offers some helpful tips on how to do just that. For even more on establishing RGM within an organization, check out this CMA blog from last year.

A Candid Conversation About Retail Shrink, Loss, and Organized Retail Crime (watch clip): In Q4, ARC hosted the National Retail Federation’s leading asset protection expert about the current state of retail theft, loss and organized retail crime. With shrink continuing to be a top-of-mind concern for retailers and suppliers, you’ll want to review this analysis of the latest industry data.

Elevating Impact: the Journey from being Brand-Focused to Category-Centric (watch clip): Growing your category requires organizational focus. However, this is not without challenges. The good news? It is not without its rewards, either. This review hosted by Vista Grande and guest Central Garden & Pet provides a case study / roadmap for your organization on the upside of getting category-centric.

Expert Content

Shopper Insights Framework: Released in Fall 2023, this framework has learnings both for companies seeking to build an Insights function, as well as those seeking to benchmark their current efforts. You will find an easy-to-digest, but thorough, look at the elements needed for a successful Shopper Insights team — think data, technical skills, tools, trends, people, and internal/external support.

CatMan 3.0 (click here to read intro): Our most recent and most comprehensive category management framework is a 40-page document that provides a playbook for executing wholistic category management across all areas (brick and mortar, pureplay eCommerce, click & collect, 3rd-party delivery, etc.) including tactical steps to be completed. For companies new to the practice, this document should serve as a great starting point for establishing a category management process. For those seasoned in the discipline, each step can be reviewed in relation to your current process and advise on adjustments as needed.

Line Review Playbook: Line reviews are necessary for both retailers and CPGs, and they can challenge both parties. This playbook goes into making line reviews successful for all involved, and it dives especially deep on how vendors of all sizes can maximize their time at the table. You will especially want to read our list of pitfalls to avoid during line reviews.

Team Benchmark Survey: Category management and shopper insights teams can be organized very differently by supplier and retailer, but few have sightline into how their peers are resourced. About a year ago, we benchmarked members in terms of total employees by functional level, working model (in office, remote, hybrid), reporting structure, handling of eCommerce, and future hiring plans. These findings can help guide recommendations for any necessary changes to team structures, or sell additional capacity internally, where applicable.

Category Disruptor Case Study – Refrigerated Breakfast: Finally, here’s a content piece to open your imagination about what’s possible. Learn how Belgian Boys got on the shelf at some of America’s top retailers in a category still getting its foothold in the U.S. Looking to grow in 2024? Be sure to read this.

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