Our All-New Set of Tracks Will Prepare You for the Road Ahead.

When we started planning the 2020 Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference, one of our primary goals was to ensure the Conference would feel completely new next year. Not just in terms of the location, look and speakers, but also in terms of the core tracks that will drive the content at the Conference.

So, we started with our new theme, “Winning the Future of Retail with Technology and Insights” and brainstormed a new set of tracks that we could fill with the future-facing content that our members have been asking for.

What hot-button issues will you face in the next decade? How will the current landscape evolve? What technologies will help retailers grow and thrive? These are just a few of the questions we asked ourselves as we considered how to reshape the Conference to best suit the needs and address the challenges our members face today and tomorrow.

Let’s take a deeper dive now into each of the six new tracks for the 2020 Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference.

Next-Gen Retail

How will retail evolve in an ever-changing, omnichannel world? Retail has undergone massive changes in 2019 and has left many of us with more questions than answers.

Is brick-and-mortar dying, or simply evolving into a new beast that demands just as much respect as the rise of eCommerce? Are brand experience stores a critical form of media for retailers? How will retailers meet the growing demands for expedited delivery? How much stock should we put into Gen Z’s preference for brick-and-mortar? How will AI and machine learning continue to revolutionize the customer experience?

These are just a few of the questions we intend to explore in this track.

The Future of Shopper

New technologies and practices are constantly revolutionizing Shopper Insights. As tech like AI, VR, machine learning and Big Data analysis tools continue to grow in the coming years, our ability to pinpoint meaningful insights will only increase.

Shopper Insights got a great response last year, and we’re excited to bring it back and take it in new directions that will not only expand your idea of what’s possible today, but prepare you for the road to come, where data will be on the frontline in the battle for retail supremacy.

Global Insights

We are living in an increasingly globalized marketplace, and that calls for new and clever approaches to insights. Shifting lifestyle trends across the globe are dictating supply and demand scenarios that require rapid response. Emerging markets are changing buying trends in surprising areas. An ever-changing set of challenges, from trade disputes to political unrest, further complicate an already complex international marketplace.

How will retailers navigate all of these issues and continue to grow their businesses abroad? This track will equip you with intelligence solutions that will help you overcome the obstacles and harvest the growing opportunities the global marketplace has born.

Evolution of eCommerce

In 2020, it will have been 25 years eCommerce came into being. It’s incredible to think that as far as we have come, it’s still just in its infancy in the bigger picture. As eCommerce matures even further, what will it look like in the near future?

New technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data analysis tools will drastically affect the way we interact with eCommerce, and the way eCommerce interacts with us. How will retailers leverage the changing landscape? How will new expedited delivery demands shape the next chapter? Get ready for a deep dive as we explore the next decade of eCommerce.

Emerging Technologies

We must learn and adapt to survive and thrive as technology revolutionizes our industry. From drones and autonomous vehicles to cashier-less checkouts, retail looks different every day. But the technology behind the scenes is just as fascinating.

New technology solutions are enabling smarter decision making. We can now predict everything from the weather to trending flavors, thanks to technology. How will retailers harness the power? Where should you invest your dollars for maximum ROI? Get a hands-on look at the technology that will drive the future of retail and prepare yourself for the paradigm shift that will quickly become the new reality for retailers.

Professional Growth & Development

This year, we felt it was important to dedicate a full track to Professional Growth and Development. We want to ensure our members are able to extract maximum value from their membership by learning strategies to advance their careers to the next level and beyond.

We’ve brought back the Learning Lab once again this year, by popular demand, a we’ll be hosting live training throughout the Conference. Another key component to this track will be our all-new Women in Leadership Luncheon, where you’ll get a chance to hear from industry leaders on the challenges they’ve faced and the opportunities they’ve embraced to rise to the top in our profession.

We’re so excited to bring you these new tracks, and we feel like this coming year’s CMA/SIMA Conference will deliver incredible value and crucial knowledge that will help our members succeed in the years ahead.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we begin to reveal our exciting lineup of speakers and sponsors for the 2020 Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference!

What do you think about the new tracks? Which tracks are you most excited for? Which hot button topics interest you the most? We’d love to hear what you think. Sound off on social media now and join the conversation.