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Trax Retail
Trax enables brands and retailers to better navigate the new frontier of retail and harness the power of digital technologies to enable the best shopping experiences imaginable. With Trax data and insights, customers gain granular, SKU-level visibility into changing store conditions. Our customers not only plan and execute their retail strategy better, but also engage better with shoppers. And each timely, data-driven decision and action lowers costs and accelerates revenue growth.


Powered by the industry's leading Computer Vision technology, Trax Retail Execution is the ultimate in-store execution solution for consumer-goods companies. Make sure every product is in the perfect place at every store - all the time.
Gain a unified vision of performance by merging shelf intelligence and EPOS data over time. An extensive range of analytics helps you spot trends, identify new competitors, and drive growth across your categories.
Transform shelf photos and PDFs into editable planograms. Trax Plano Convert gives you the power to create custom-made merchandising references for each store and make the hard work of planogramming take a fraction of the time.

Trax harnesses the power of digital technologies for brands, retailer and shoppers.