Webinar Topics

Focuses on how manufacturers & retailers are implementing & executing new technologies and processes in analytics to achieve retail success.

Focuses on how retailers and manufacturers are using shopper behavior and the changes in the market environment including trends, changes to demographics and anything impacting trip behaviors, buyer conversion and related topics.

Focuses on how manufacturers and retailers are using space management tools to achieve results, how to incorporate new technology and measurement processes, and planogram compliance for success at the shelf.

These sessions are designed for manufacturers and retailers to shop anonymously; this way you can choose what vendors to contact for follow-up questions and information. Solution Providers who are CMA Corporate Members are able to present product and service overviews in sessions with CMA manufacturer and retailer members. These web based meetings offer Solution Providers the opportunity to directly reach the Category Management community to present new, current and enhanced products and services. Only manufacturers or retailers are allowed in the room – no competitors of the solution provider who is presenting may attend.

Monthly web-meeting devoted to sharing intellectual property created by any type of organization: solution providers (software firms, market research firms, training organizations, industry analysts, and consulting firms), manufacturers, and retailers. Materials may include studies, surveys, white papers, etc.

This type of webinar can be classified as a series or a special webinar that does not fit into the above categories.

*If the presenter has asked that their competitor’s not be allowed, and they still register, we have the right to remove them from the webinar presenting room.

Upcoming Webinars

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Friday, July 10 @ 10 am Central

Where Legacy Retail Meets Modern Customer Experience


Tom Volk, Dept. Manager, Category Management, Ace Hardware

Leveraging customer data and shopper insights, Ace’s Category Management team led a cross-functional effort to transform the 95 year old co-op retailer from neighborhood nut & bolt hardware store to highly engaging brick and mortar retail model anchored by a tireless focus on service, convenience, and quality and rejuvenated through an enhanced environment, space optimized floorplan, and focus on premium brands.

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Thursday, July 16 @ 10 am Central

Learn How Nestle USA’s Walmart Team Has Become More Efficient and Effective


Raegon Barnes; Director, Category Leadership – Walmart; Nestle  USA

As the advisor to a constantly evolving retailer on multiple categories, hear how Nestle USA’s Walmart team has transformed its operation to become both more efficient and more effective. Utilizing technology, Nestle USA has transformed its Space Planning process from flat files to using technology on multiple categories over the last 18 months

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Friday, July 17 @ 10 am Central

Strategic Utilization of Shopper Insights to Enhance Customer Collaboration


Vivian Polishuk, Senior Shopper Insights Manager; Clif Bar

Shopper Insights have played a significant role in taking retailer partnerships to a new level of collaboration.  During this session, a case study which highlights findings derived from panel and loyalty data analytics will be presented.  The insights enhanced Clif’s status as a thought leader in the category, and provided fundamental dynamics which influenced the retailer’s approach to assortment and shelving strategies, accelerating the category’s performance.

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Friday, July 24 @ 10 am Central

Data-driven Category Management: Charting the Course Without Historical Trends


Georges Mirza – Vice President, Product Management, 1010data
Bob Marklein – Principal Sales Engineer

Retail was already dealing with myriad challenges as we entered 2020.  The onset of COVID-19 and its corresponding impact has provided a level of volatility never experienced in modern times.  While this story is still playing out, several things have become clear.  Historical and seasonal trends can no longer be depended upon as reliable guidance metrics.  Specific categories and products can spike and/or fall with little to no warning. Geographic areas are seeing significant variations even within the smallest of clusters.  While no crystal ball exists, one thing is clear: access to the most granular, near real-time data is an imperative.  A deeper, enhanced view of this data shared between retailers and their suppliers is critical to future success.

Join 1010data as they present the first in a series around leveraging an expanded level of data and collaboration to drive stronger Category Management strategies and decision-making.

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Friday, July 30 @ 10 am Central

How KraftHeinz is Elevating their Retail Partner Relationships through Planogram Automation

Jack Mitchell, Director, Product Innovation & Development at Rock Solid Retail

As demands of the retail industry intensify, so should your retail partner relationships. The pace of retail is accelerating and meeting the needs of your category’s space objectives has never been more challenging. Without best-in-class tools and practices to enable fast and accurate actions, your organization risks being left behind. By embracing automation technologies your team can focus more time and energy on adding strategic value. KraftHeinz is pioneering innovation in category management, and they’re not only leading the pack…they’re accomplishing their vision of Growing a Better World.

Join us to learn how the category team at KraftHeinz is delighting their retail partners by delivering planograms with greater efficiency and precision. See how Shelf IQ automation technology enables your team to bring added value to your retail partners.

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