Vista Grande

Vista Grande is an innovative shopper insights and category management partner who has disrupted traditional research methods, offering more contemporized solutions. We go far beyond the WHAT to answer the WHO, WHERE, WHY, and HOW. We’re proud to have clients such as Nestlé, Tyson, Reckitt, Dole, Marzetti, McCormick, Boston Beer, Peet’s, Energizer, Hain Celestial, Del Monte, Perrigo, Palermo’s, Dreyer’s Grand, Irving, Avery, Butterball, Kent Pet, Ancient Nutrition, Traditional Medicinals, Treasury Wine Estates and Jack Link’s .


Category Choice Architecture® synthesizes segmentation, path to purchase, and decision trees into a holistic framework. Our proprietary shopper simulation provides both navigation (purchase decision hierarchy) and product substitutability (market structure). We measure true substitution for specific need-states at specific retailers, both e-commerce and brick & mortar.
Package Choice Architecture™ tests new products, packaging, and shelf arrangements emphasizing the shopper mindset and the diversity of retail channels. Our environments are built to spec by retail design experts, yet we provide remarkable value, quick timing, and an efficient process. Our team has over 50 years in virtual testing experience and provides unparalleled context to business questions.
Space Simulator™ models in-store audits, planograms, and POS or loyalty card data to run predictive scenarios on the reallocation of category space within a department. We have developed a proprietary metric called space elasticity. Our shopper insights work can help you optimize adjacencies and departmental aisle flow.
Assortment Analyzer™ leverages market structure, shopper segmentation, and best available data to make strategic recommendations on category assortment or portfolio optimization. We have robust models of transferable demand, category incrementality, and product exclusivity from our Category Choice Architecture® framework. Our Excel tool is simple to use and requires minimal training.