Walmart is excited to announce a new Professional Training & Certification, only for CMA-SIMA Members.

The purpose of this training is to ensure common levels of skillsets across our respective teams. This brand new training option is an additional opportunity for you to learn, grow, and become a better partner to Walmart US, Walmart Canada, Sam’s Club US, and Local Theory.

Are you a Walmart Modular Development Manager or Category Advisor Company?


Train and certify over 300 Walmart Modular Development Managers across Walmart US, Walmart Canada, Sam’s Club, and Local Theory.

All Walmart and Sam’s Club Modular Development Managers will be certified in CPCA and CPCM designations.

Improve the knowledge, expertise and abilities of our Category Advisor Companies by offering the same training and certification program.

All Category Advisor Companies will have the opportunity to certify for the CPCA and CPCM designations through this additional training.


Category Advisor, Member Companies whose Modular Development Managers call on Walmart US, Walmart Canada, Sam’s Club US, or Local Theory are eligible to purchase Professional Training & Certification.

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We are committed to improving the quality of training and education for Walmart Modular Development Managers and Category Advisor Companies.


Walmart has created a partnership with CMA/SIMA to provide Professional Training & Certification to Category Advisor Companies for the next three years.


Walmart believes that professional development is critically important and certification is the best way to improve knowledge and skills to collaborate with Category Advisor Companies.


Through this partnership, 300 individuals will be certified at both the CPCA and CPCM level by the end of 2020.

Get Professional Development for Walmart Category Advisors.

Schedule a meeting and prepare to work better and smarter. 

Contact us about how to get connected with specialized training for your organization by joining CMA+SIMA. Fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have about how you can collaborate and increase value to Walmart US, Walmart Canada, Sam’s Club US, or Local Theory with best-in-class training, Walmart-specific content, and certification. 


1. Can I access the Professional Development & Certification Training if I am a non-member?

Yes, but your company must become a CMA-SIMA Member first. You will receive a code once you are registered that you will need to access the Walmart Learning Portal that contains the Professional Training & Certification.

2. Can I access the Walmart Learning Portal if I am not a CMA-SIMA Member?

No, access is only for Category Advisors on the Walmart US, Walmart Canada, Sam’s Club US, or Local Theory teams.

3. Can I use my training credits in the Walmart Learning Portal?

No, you can’t use training credits to purchase the Professional Training & Certification as credits are reserved for use within your company for HQ and other Retail and CatMan teams.

4. What is the benefit to signing up for a 3-year membership?

You save 10% off membership each year for three years. We bill on an annual basis per year for membership. Walmart has committed to a 3-year partnership with the CMA-SIMA so it is running parallel with membership.

Learn More About Professional Training & Certification for Walmart Modular Development Managers and Category Advisor Companies

CMA-SIMA Corporate Members

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