Want to Become Certified?

Of course for the hundreds of industry professionals pondering this question the real question is why is certification important to me? Furthermore, why is certification an important credential for me to possess as it relates to my employment with my company?

The answers to both of those questions can be found in the basic reasons that certification was developed initially. Category Management is a collaborative partnership between retailers and manufacturers, with the objective to provide optimal consumer solutions for a various collections collection of products identified as categories. The benefit for the retailer practicing category management is in optimizing profit through enhanced customer satisfaction. The benefit to manufacturers is in increasing its customer’s satisfaction and by improving brand performance.

The Category Management Certification Program was established to provide the industry with an opportunity to evaluate talent and training as well as in establishing bench markets for proficiency to participants in the industry. The establishment of industry standards was the first step in that process and the standards provide a clear focus for the development of category management professionals and standards for industry training.

Personally the benefits to certification are that it provides clear direction for an individual to progress within category management. The standards identify the competencies necessary for proficiency at the three levels of category management. It provides companies and people clear roadmaps to direct people on the path to progress to the next level of professional standing and affords people and companies with an opportunity to be efficient in training and personal development. Finally, as it relates to people it is an excellent way for a company to indicate the value they place on their human capital and the stake they have in a person’s future with the company.

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