What Makes or Breaks a Shower Experience?

Waterpik Partnered with Prodege to Get the Answers

October 5, 2022
By Bess Devenow, Senior Director, Marketing at Prodege

At a time when brand loyalty is more important than ever, consumers are increasingly conscious of price and noticing the prevalence of shrinking package sizes for a wide variety of products. So when considering innovation in a category like showerheads, adding features at a higher price point should be thoroughly tested and vetted before rolling out. What is the likelihood of purchasing a handheld shower head that includes a new ‘bonus’ cleaning mode feature? What about a therapeutic, massaging shower head? Does the likelihood of purchase differ between retail customers and hotels or more B2B clientele? What is the optimal price point for the B2C vs. B2B audience?

Enter our partner, Waterpik. Prodege initially partnered with Waterpik on actionable consumer research to understand the likelihood of purchasing a handheld shower head that includes a new bonus feature cleaning mode, along with the key selling point that would catch their attention in the product name.

To go about their research, Waterpik leveraged Prodege’s agile DIY platform for survey authoring, connecting to their desired audience, and fielding their research. When asked about her experience working with Prodege, Maureen Lawer, Waterpik’s Director of Sales Operations highlights the streamlined and easy process. “I haven’t seen anything better for a Do it Yourself tool; there’s nothing else I would want. Even with rush Friday afternoon jobs, I’ve been so impressed with the quick turnaround and the ability to have the data ready to go ahead of a Monday presentation.”

Once the research was fielded, Maureen also made use of Prodege’s user-friendly Data Visualization offering, which provided her quick access to her insights in a visually engaging format. “I can’t speak any more highly of Prodege’s Data Visualization capabilities and team. The tool is user-friendly, the data was easy to export into PowerPoint and I love how it’s presentation ready with very little effort. Being able to create crosstabs on the fly is such a time saver too.”

Following the enthusiasm from the clear majority of consumers surveyed to purchase this type of shower head from a retailer at their suggested price point, Waterpik was curious to understand the importance of a pleasant shower experience among travelers and whether hotel chains could improve customer experience by using their therapeutic, massaging shower heads. This led to an in-depth survey of over 500 US travelers in late 2021. Maureen Lawer, Waterpik’s Director of Sales Operations elaborates on the ease of upgrading shower heads and the potential payoff for doing so: “A luxe shower head is a very affordable way to upgrade the room and customer experience and is also one of the least expensive enhancements you can make throughout your property from a cost and labor standpoint.”

As for the research findings, many actionable takeaways emerged for Waterpik, which included helpful learnings on how integral a superior shower is to the hotel experience (64% of survey respondents said that having a showerhead with therapeutic benefits would influence their decision on where to stay) and accordingly, how a bad shower experience increases the likelihood of a negative review.  Waterpik found the insights from the Shower Head study so beneficial that their Showers Marketing team wove the data points into their marketing materials for industry trade shows which picked back up recently and included the key findings in Sales Kits (as shown below) that helped them secure appointments with leading home improvement retailers and plumber distribution channels.

This timely research also opened the door for Waterpik to approach hotel chains and vacation rental services about using their therapeutic massaging shower heads. The added benefit of easily filtering their data to loyalty members of hotel chains allowed Waterpik to truly personalize their pitches.

Waterpik box

With consumers and businesses alike faced with important decisions every day, the above use case is just one example showcasing the benefits of how businesses can leverage timely insights to hone sales & marketing strategies. In these two studies discussed, the insights revealed that consumers place a strong importance on having an enjoyable shower experience and that when a luxe showerhead is available (be it at a retailer or in a hotel), they will notice the difference and will be on the lookout to purchase one to replicate this experience.

Conducting consumer research among your ideal customers can make a valuable impact on many areas of your business. Whether you’re looking to understand the path to and through purchase for specific product categories, test several concepts to determine which product to move forward with, determine whether your advertising is resonating and sparking your intended CTA, or conduct a virtual shelf test to understand which products and brands are most curiosity-piquing, you’ll likely find multiple benefits in partnering with a trusted vendor to gather insights from the consumers you need to hear from.