Wiser Solutions

Our solutions are framed by your jobs to be done, supported by proprietary algorithms and our crowd of smartphone-enabled mystery shoppers. We’re fanatical about data quality—but we also know that excellent, accurate data is less valuable unless you can do something with it. That’s why we built solutions for you to act on your data, too.

Website: www.wiser.com

Commerce execution software for your online and in-store channels, helping you gather intelligence, act on those insights, and drive growth for your business—all from one provider.
High-quality data, deep in-store and online extraction, proprietary mobile apps, and more make it easy for you to gather intelligence across your in-store or online channels. Popular capabilities include:
  • Market Awareness
  • Brand Intelligence
  • Consumer Experience
  • Shopper Insights
  • Shelf Intelligence
  • Store Operations
Rule-based systems, workflow management, proprietary mobile apps, and more help you turn intelligence into action across your in-store and online channels. Popular capabilities include:
  • Brand Management
  • Price Management
  • Retail Execution